We are always looking for volunteers for The Different School, between August and April:

  • An art, painting & drawing teacher
  • A music teacher
  • An English teacher

  • Please check out our volunteer page if you are interested in joining our team!


  • Send a monetary donation:

  • To send us some funds, please use the details below.

    Account holder
    Friends in Khajuraho
    Bank name
    PNB Paribas
    Account number
    Bank code
    Branch sort code
    RIB key
    IBAN FR7630004014160001007078986

    Before you decide to donate, please check out our donation page to know what we need exactly.

  • Send a material donation:

  • If you have any spare stuff you want to get rid of, be sure it will be put to some good use if you send it to us!

    We are interested in:

  • Stationery (books, copy books, pens, pencils etc.).
  • Art, drawing & painting material.
  • Fabric, thread & needles...
  • Clothes and toys.

  • Before you decide to donate, please check out our donation page to know what we need exactly.


    You can become a member of our association if you make a donation or if you give us a hand!

  • Active or ordinary member: if you give €10 entry then €20 per year.
  • Benefactor member: if you give at least 200 € per year, i.e. at least 17 € per month.
  • Honorary Member: if you do us favours, perform actions for us or make donations in kind to the association.

  • Why become a member? If you are interested in our association, you can manifest it by becoming a member. This will also allow you to participate in our decisions by voting at our general meeting.

    Click here to read all the information required before making a donation.


    If there is nothing else you can do, you can always talk about us around you! This is a small gesture that can mean a lot!

    Do share our website, share our Facebook page, and if you want to talk about us to others in 'real life', you can print out and distribute our brochure!


    If you are planning a trip in India, why not make a stop in Khajuraho and stay with us! We have a homestay with two single or double rooms, and you can take part in some of our actions during your stay! For example, you can:

    The Different School

  • Assist one of our English classes.
  • Assist our art, painting & drawing class.
  • Assist our music class - if you are a musician and are traveling with your instrument, we would love it if you would come and play some music to our pupils!
  • If you are staying a week or two, we could run a workshop for you so that you can demonstrate and teach some of the fun skills you have (for example juggling, clown, anything...)

  • Cloth Bag Project

    You could visit our workshop or assist in making bags if you wish. If you have great tailoring skills you could even share some of your knowledge and advice to our project co-ordinator, trainer and employees.

    Eco-friendly promise

    You could participate in one of our litter-picking actions.

    Clothing distribution

    You could come along with us on one of our distribution actions.


    Of course, these are only suggestions. If you would like to support us in any way during a stay with us, please check out the website of our homestay, and contact us to discuss how you could participate.


    Yep, we will say it again! Do not hesitate to contact us if you are in any way interested in what we do or if you want to helps us!