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Since she has been living in Khajuraho, Vio has been struck by the lack of teaching methods in schools. Here education equals memorising, so children are good at learning by heart but they don't understand what they learn or apply it in their lives. Pupils are not encouraged to understand or analyse what they do; they are not taught to think by themselves or to be creative. Worse of all, they are motivated to learn by fear - because they get beaten if they don't repeat what their teacher has told them word for word. As a result, pupils don't even try to do things by themselves or to rephrase things in their own words, because they are too scared to get it wrong.

With The Different School, we want:

  • our pupils to understand what they learn.

  • to invite them to be creative and to be themselves so that they can become confident and independent individuals.

  • and most of all, to teach them that learning can be fun.

  • Please note:

  • Our house is located at the edge of the old village of Khajuraho, where life is more traditional and where education is poorer than in the town centre. This is why we want to address the village children.

  • Our school does not replace ordinary local school.


  • English

  • English 1
    - by Vio

    For children aged 11 years and above, who know how to read and write English well
    Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 17:30 to 18:30

    English 2 - by Vio
    For children aged 5 and above who don't read and write English yet or at all
    Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 16:00 to 17:00

    Because in local schools, when it comes to English class, many pupils 'progress' without learning anything because they don't understand what they have to learn by heart. Teachers themselves don't master the language, and even books and exam papers contain mistakes! So teachers just give model answers to their pupils and ask them to memorise them. A pupil can 'learn' English for 12 years and still be unable to build a sentence when s/he finishes school!

    Vio lived in the UK for 9 years before moving to India, she holds a PgDip in Developmental Linguistics from the University of Edinburgh (UK), an Undergraduate Diploma in Hindi from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi (India), and she holds the CELTA English teaching certificate accredited by the University of Cambridge. As well as her French mother tongue, she is completely fluent in English and Hindi, and she has lived here long enough to understand the local children. She masters both English and Hindi grammar so she is able to create some good quality English classes so that my pupils finally learn the language.

  • Music

  • Class taught by Vio and/or a volunteer

    We are currently looking for volunteers for this class! Click here if you are interested.

    Why? Because experts have shown that music has a positive impact on children's development. Musical awakening is an approach, a discovery and even an opening to the sound world that brings many beneficial effects and that is very important for human balance and listening abilities. Musical awareness also helps children to better express themselves and communicate, and it contributes to cognitive skills and psychomotor, social and emotional development. A child who has taken musical awareness classes will be more relaxed and focused and will have less difficulty in school. S/he adapts easily to his or her surroundings with better communication skills, is happier and less angry. Faced with various everyday situations, children who love music will have a greater sensitivity, be calmer and joyful.

    Read more about the benefits of music.

  • Art, painting, drawing

  • Classe taught by a volunteer
    We are currently looking for volunteers for this class! Click here if you are interested.

    Why? we want our school to awaken artistic creativity in children, because here, with so many strict rules and such a lack of education, their creativity is shut off from a very young age. In addition, because children are generally not stimulated in poorly educated families, they don't get any opportunity to concentrate their energies onto any constructive activities. Too often, boys just get interested in following and cheating tourists while girls become extremely shy and vulnerable, deprived of any self-worth, which puts them in danger later in life. Basically, the children's potential gets wasted.

  • Environmental Awareness

  • Taught to all our students in bi-monthly workshops

    We will organise sessions of cleaning of the soil, visits to the garbage collector of the district, and other practical and engaging activities! So that children can apply what they learn in their daily lives, and that they become an example to others.

    Why? Because rubbish (non)management is a huge problem in India, particularly in rural areas where people are less educated. Not only do the locals not realise the impact of throwing rubbish (especially plastic) everywhere, but also the municipality does not provide adequate rubbish collection services. Road sides, fields, lakes, rivers, etc. are filled with litter that not only is devastating for the environment, but also spoils such a beautiful landscape! The lake in front of our house and behind the most ancient of Khajuraho's temples, the Brahma Temple, has become a rubbish bin, in which our neighbours still fish and grow water nuts for the community to eat. The garden around the Vamana Temple works as a landfill for the village population.


    We are open to any other subjects or disciplines that can help our students become more creative, fulfilled, autonomous and independent!

    If you wish to volunteer in India and are a yoga and / or meditation teacher, musician, dancer, juggler, animator, clown, artist, etc. and if you like children and want to awaken them, come to see us and we will organise classes and workshops! Please do contact us!


    The school is currently closed during the hot season. We will start classes again in August. Click below to enlarge our latest timetable.


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