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Primary objective

Our Better Living program aims to improve our community's living conditions by providing adequate education and resources, allowing them to live with dignity in a healthy environment.

Who is our community?

By 'our community' we usually mean the population of the Khajuraho Old Village where we live, but we don't limit ourselves to this definition when we have opportunities to support the wider population in Khajuraho or its surroundings.

Secondary objectives

  • To offer a professional activity to local women which will give them more autonomy and help them feel valued within our community.

  • To protect the environment, firstly by recycling fabric with our Cloth Bag Project and regularly cleaning the rubbish in the village, both of which provide an example for our community. Secondly, by running an education campaign for our neighbours to stress the importance of reducing the use and littering of plastic and to encourage them to use (and reuse!) our cloth bags.

  • To recycle and redistribute clothing to our neighbours, in particular those who are most impoverished.

  • The Cloth Bag Project encompasses and aims to achieve all these objectives.

    The Different School goes hand in hand with our program, as we involve our pupils in litter-picking sessions to educate them about environmental awareness. We also distribute clothing to our pupils when necessary.

    The Better Living program includes:


    In September 2017 we started the Cloth Bag Project with a group of local women to make bags out of recycled fabrics and sell them to local shops and individuals.

    Our objectives are:

  • To fight against single-use polythene bags, which end up littering our towns and countryside.

  • To recycle all types of fabrics as hand-made bags.

  • To empower local women, especially those who are impoverished and/or the wives of alcoholics, by allowing them to sell their bags, earn a living and be more independent.

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    This part of our program improves living conditions by distributing items of clothing to those who don't have enough.

    The need is severe in winter, during which people are badly equipped to face the short but sometimes bitter cold months of December and January.

    Whenever possible we also distribute shoes, bedding, blankets, toys, etc.

    We receive many items as donations from Europe, and some of the more privileged residents of Khajuraho have given us clothes and bedding for distribution.

    We always keep an eye on those who need clothing in our community and we organise distributions in villages around Khajuraho.

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    The eco-friendly promise is our commitment to keep the local environment clean and to educate the local population, through the following actions:

  • Organising regular litter-picking sessions with local children and/or adults, in particular those involved with The Different School and the Cloth Bag Project.

  • Providing an example for our community, so that with time we will inspire more of our neighbours to care for their environment.

  • Educating our neighbours about how litter damages our world, from the large-scale environmental reasons to the local economic effects on our tourist industry.

  • Putting pressure on the local authorities and municipality, for example to provide dustbins and organise adequate rubbish collection.

  • The Old Village is an important part of the city's cultural heritage and history, and as such it should be valued and preserved. We hope that our actions will have a positive impact not only on the environment but also on the life of our community, inspiring curiosity and a desire for change within the village.

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