French association 'Loi 1901' founded on 5 June 2017.



To allow the local population to live with dignity in a healthy environment through adequate education and resources.


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Communication Officer & Teacher

Co-founder of this association, Violette (Vio) is French and has been living in India for 10 years. She is married to Vijay from Khajuraho. Vio has many skills, and for several years she has been teaching English, Hindi, as well as (a disciple of Pt. Sukhdev Prasad Mishra in Varanasi) North Indian violin. She is also the manager of our homestay and is the designer of this website. She is involved in several other NGOs such as the French association Partage et Culture Sarasvati (for which she acts as vice-president) and the Swiss association Taaro ke Bacche (for which she is responsible for media communication).

More about Vio : her story on our the blog of partners Ganpati
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Social Worker & Literacy Project Leader/Teacher

Co-founder of the association, Vijay is the owner of our homestay Friends in Khajuraho and of our family shop Lakshmana Handicrafts, which specialises in brass and bronze. He has been head of his family since he was a teenager, which means a lot in India! He is devoted and charismatic, and he has a strong popularity and influence in Khajuraho. Before the creation of our association, Vijay was already involved in social work since 2010 through the German NGO Blue Bank and French association Partage et Culture Sarasvati.

More about Vijay's story on the blog of our partners Ganpati



Co-founder of the association, Aurélie is also the founder of Centre Prana, a unique Indian healthcare and yoga centre for all in Vienne, France. She is a yoga teacher and also holds a Masters degree in social entrepreneurship. She has great experience in the associative world and holds India very close to her heart.


Literacy Project Teacher

Ravi is Vijay's younger brother. He holds a bachelor's degree in mathematics as well as certificates in hotel management and computer science, and is an excellent guide. He is currently studying German at the Goethe Institute in Delhi, and whenever he can when visiting Khajuraho, he teaches on the literacy project.


For many years, Vijay and Vio had been involved in various NGOs, not only in Khajuraho but also in Varanasi (Banaras, the Hindus' holy city on the River Ganges in Uttar Pradesh). Later, based in Khajuraho, they were doing what they could to act locally and make their surroundings a better place. Since 2010 they have been sponsoring two children and have been involved with the actions of German NGO Blue Bank which seeks to improve environmental awareness among local children and adults... On and off Vio gave free English and violin classes to a few children, while Vijay distributed clothes to poor families in nearby villages.

They met Aurélie in Khajuraho during her yoga teacher training course in January 2016, who opened their eyes and encouraged them to create their own NGO so that they could concentrate their socio-educational actions into an integrated project that could develop. And the seed was planted...

Nine months after their meeting, in September 2016, the first English class of the future Different School took place. In November, their crowdfunding campaign for the school was launched, and 40 days later the requested €3500 were collected. In December, thanks to the world wide web's magic (and probably also to a boost from the universe!), they met the Norwegian woman Cathrine Bergjordet who, a few months later, founded her own association Ganpati Norway to begin in partnership with them a sponsorship, a literacy project and clothing distributions in a small village near Khajuraho. Finally, it was obvious that they would found the French association Friends in Khajuraho with Aurélie, in June 2017...


Documents for download.

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